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Below is a comprehensive listing of all our FREE Self-Healing exercises that cover the 3 key vision improvement elements for achieving your eyesight goals. The three key areas to utilize for  maximum improvements are


Body and


You can see by the extensive list of free self healing exercises you could be spending all day doing them. Feel free to try them all out, but if you would like to see which specific exercises would suit your condition then click here or the “Conditions” tab at the top of the screen.

Eye Exercises

Elizabeth, Maryland 2 RevAstigmatism Eye Exercises

The eye condition Astigmatism is an error of refraction caused by a misshaped cornea. These eye exercises will improve your eyesight by retraining the brain to . . . Read More

Blinking Eye Exercise

Blinking is the body’s natural way of moistening, rejuvenating and protecting the eye. The human eye should blink around 25 times a minute. However, for most of us. . . Read More

William Fuller Melissa Eye ExerciseConvergence Eye Exercises

These eye exercises will help improve eyesight by working on fusion and 3D vision, encouraging the eyes to work together as a team. They also strengthen the eye’s . . Read More

Determining Eye Dominance

In early childhood one eye becomes dominant over the other. More nerves grow to facilitate the . . . Read More

Distance Looking Eye ExerciseMani, Nepal

In our modern lifestyle we spend almost all of our waking hours looking at close objects. Computers, cell phones and even our friends’ or colleague’s faces are. . . Read More

Double Vision Eye Exercise (Melissa)

This eye exercise encourages the individual to use both eyes independently. It prevents conflict of the eyes, and . . . Read More

Eye Muscle Exercise

Just like any muscle in the body the 6 external muscles of the eye need to be kept strong and flexible if the eye is to . . . Read More

Square 2 GuysEye Obstruction Exercise

It is a basic principle of vision improvement that we can see better using both of our eyes together than . . . Read More

Near and Far Eye Exercise

The ciliary muscle is an involuntary muscle which is part of the middle layer within the eyeball. It is connected to the lens by . . . Read More

PTrevor, England 2alming Eye Exercise

The Palming eye exercise is essential to improving eyesight,  as it rests and relaxes the eyes. It achieves this through allowing the optic nerve to. . .  Read More

Peripheral Vision Eye Exercise

Photoreceptive nerve cells called rods are found primarily in our peripheral vision. Rods are particularly sensitive to movement and also become . . . Read More

Presbyopia/Convergence Charts Eye Exercise

Presbyopia is a condition in which the lens becomes stiff. In addition, both the extraocular muscles responsible for converging the eyes onto a single point and . . . Read More

Red and Green Eye Exercise RichardRed and Green Glasses Eye Exercise

This eye exercise is meant to teach your eyes to work together, to fuse on a single point. It also works to lessen the suppression of . . . Read More


SSharon, New Zealand Revhifting Eye Exercise

The macula is a small area in the retina that contains a high concentration of cone cells. the cells responsible for seeing fine details. In our everyday lives the . . . Read More

String of Beads Eye Exercise

This eye exercise will work on fusion and 3D vision, encouraging the eyes to work together as a team helping to  create clearer . . . Read More

Long Swing Richard Web

Sunning Eye Exercise

The eye exercise Sunning accomplishes several important, related things. It reduces light sensitivity and thereby reduces the tendency to squint in bright light. It also . . . Read More

Swinging Eye Exercise

Staring, which is harmful to the natural function of our vision, is a combination of our eyes not blinking and not moving. This swinging eye exercise works to . . . Read More

Body Exercises


  1. Application of Hot or Cold
  2. Back Exercise
  3. Breathing
  4. Core Abdominal Exercises
  5. Crossed Leg Rotations
  6. Elbow Rotations
  7. Elevation
  8. Glute Strengthening Exercise
  9. Hands and Feet Exercise
  10. Head Rotations
  11. Hip Rotations
  12. Jaw Exercises
  13. Knee Extensions
  14. Knee Rotations
  15. Light Exercise
  16. Rolling Side to Side
  17. Shoulder Rotations
  18. Swivel Hips

Self-Massage Techniques

  1. Bone Tapping
  2. Face Massage
  3. General Self Massage Techniques
  4. Head Massage
  5. Neck Massage
  6. Tennis Ball Massage for the Back
  7. Tennis Ball Massage for the Feet
  8. Tennis Ball Massage for the Legs


  1. Abdominal Stretch
  2. Abductor Stretch
  3. Adductor Stretch
  4. Back Stretch
  5. Bicep Stretch
  6. Calf Stretch
  7. Chair Stretch
  8. Chest Stretch
  9. Forearm Stretch
  10. Glute Stretch
  11. Hamstring Stretch
  12. Lat Stretch
  13. Neck Stretch
  14. Piriformis Stretch
  15. Quadriceps Stretch
  16. Shin Stretch
  17. Shoulder Stretch
  18. Tricep Stretch