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It should be obvious to everyone that breathing is an essential tool in self healing. Without sufficient oxygen none of our physiological systems can work to their optimum. Exercise is a great way to increase our oxygen intake, but even then we can be breathing incorrectly, putting undue strain on the body’s systems. Without exhaling enough, we are also not expelling enough waste, making the body’s internal environment unbalanced

By breathing correctly, we do not mean heavily or forcefully, rather, we should be breathing slowly and deeply. When most of us are stressed, we know we are breathing in an incorrect shallow manner, because we are only expanding the upper chest, instead of the whole ribcage. To breathe in this way can lead to a tight chest and neck and weaken the breathing muscles, which were designed for those nice, slow, deep breaths.

  1. Take 10 slow deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling through the nose.
  2. This time, for 10 deep breaths, inhale for the count of 8 and exhale for the count of 10.
  3. For 10 deep breaths, keeping a slow steady rhythm, inhale in through the nose. Focus your attention on the lower ribcage expanding and the abdomen rising. Exhale out through the nose, so that the lower ribcage and abdomen shrinks.
  4. Now place your hand on the abdomen and repeat the previous step. Try to feel if the abdomen is truly expanding and shrinking to its full potential.
  5. Close your eyes and whilst taking 10 deep breaths visualise the abdomen fully expanding and completely shrinking.
  6. Now breathe normally and feel  if your breathing has become, easier, slower, deeper or more efficient.