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Red and Green Glasses Eye Exercise

Red and Green Eye Exercise Wil fullerl

Eye Exercise 1 – Circle and Flashlight

This eye exercise is meant to teach your eyes to work together, to fuse on a single point. It also works to lessen the suppression of your weaker eye.

  1. Remove any corrective lenses i.e glasses and contact lenses.
  2. Draw a circle with a red pencil on a blank piece of paper. If you have near normal vision draw a very light circle. If you have vision above 20/200 then draw a thicker circle, using a felt pen if necessary to thicken the line.
  3. Then draw a vertical and a horizontal line bisecting the circle in each direction.
  4. Put on the red and green glasses with the green lens covering your dominant eye. if you don’t know which eye is dominant click here.
  5. Now take the flashlight covered with a red filter and place it behind the paper so that it touches the back of the page.
  6. Close each eye separately to make sure that one sees the light and the other sees the pencil lines. You may need to adjust the light in the room, darkening it to bring out the light and brightening it to bring out the pencil lines.
  7. Now move the flashlight behind the paper to trace the red pencil lines.
  8. When you first do this exercise it would help to have someone else watch how closely you are tracing. If your eyes are not working well together together, an objective observer will notice you are not tracing accurately even when you think you are right on the line.
  9. Keep tracing the lines even if you are not accurate. You will get better with time.
  10. Remove and reverse the glasses, switching the colors, and repeat the exercise.
  11. If either the light or the line disappears momentarily then you are most likely suppressing one eye. If this happens stop tracing and close one eye at a time to see the light or circle separately, then begin tracing again.
  12. You can do this exercise for up to 15 minutes if your eyes do not get too tired. If you experience fatigue start with smaller increments of time, performing hte eye exercise palming in between.

Eye Exercise 2 – Bingo Card

The Bingo Card is designed so that when you are wearing the red and green glasses one eye sees one half of the letters and the other eye sees the other half. This makes your eyes work separately, ensuring that one eye is not being suppressed. When you remove the glasses both eyes will be more engaged and working together, making your eyesight clearer. If you do not own one of these cards you can purchase it from the SFSH Online Store.

  1. Remove any corrective lenses i.e glasses and contact lenses.
  2. Put on the red and green glasses.
  3. Look at the bingo card and begin reading it. You can read it horizontally, vertically, on a diagonal or make up a game where you spell out words by finding them on the card.
  4. Notice whether some of the letters are disappearing momentarily. If this happens you are most likely suppressing one eye.
  5. To counteract this suppression close one eye at a time to see which letters each eye can see separately, then begin reading again.
  6. Switch the glasses and repeat the exercise.
  7. Do this for up to 15 minutes, but lessen this time if your eyes become fatigued.

Eye Exercise 3 – Playing Cards

This eye exercise is a really a game of cards played with a special deck and red and green glasses. The special playing cards were designed so that the eyes are used independently, each eye seeing one half of the deck. Therefore, playing this game will activate your suppressed eye balancing the use of your eyes. If you do not own a pack, you can purchase red and green playing cards from the SFSH online store.

  1. Remove any corrective lenses i.e glasses and contact lenses.
  2. Put on the red and green glasses. Don’t worry at this point about which lens is on which eye; simply flip the glasses halfway through playing this game of cards.
  3. Deal out all the cards to all players face down. Players do not look at their cards.
  4. All players flip over the first card on their stack simultaneously into the middle of the table.
  5. If any card from any player is a:
    1. Queen, players should shout out “God Save the Queen!”
    2. King, players should stand up.
    3. Three, players should slap the table three times.
    4. Eight, players should stamp their feet.
  6. The first player to carry out any one of the designated tasks wins all the cards in the middle of the table.
  7. If no card is a Queen, King, three or eight, then players continue to play their next cards until someone wins and collects all the cards in the middle of the table.
  8. As a player wins they place the cards at the bottom of their stack and are played again as they come up to the top.
  9. The player who wins all the cards wins the game.