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Tennis Ball Massage for the Feet

There can be many causes of muscle tension, from living a sedentary lifestyle to overuse or injury. Even emotional tension can manifest in a muscle, for example, holding anger in the muscles of the neck. The tennis balls help relieve muscle tension by creating counter pressure to the tightness. When we find an area of tension, breathe into it and relax your body into the tennis ball. The tension will slowly start to let go. This tennis ball massage can be seen as a self administered, deep tissue treatment.

  1. Without footwear place a tennis ball under the foot. A used tennis ball is best as it will not be so hard.
  2. Push your heel down on the tennis ball several times, feeling the pressure it creates. Slowly try to roll your heel around the ball in circular motions and from side to side, up and down, allowing it to massage the entire heel of the foot.
  3. Now move the tennis ball to the ball of the foot, apply pressure several times stretching out the toes. Then roll the ball in circular motions, side to side, back and forth.
  4. Place the tennis ball at the arch of the foot and apply pressure several times. Now roll the tennis ball forwards and backwards along the whole arch. Then roll the ball along the outer and inner side of the arch. Now roll the ball from side to side, moving up and down, making sure you cover the whole arch.
  5. Roll the tennis ball along the entire sole of the foot, from heel to each toe, rolling up and down.
  6. Continue rolling the ball from heel to toe, but this time try to notice any areas that seem particularly tight or need special attention. If you find them, and we’re sure you will, stop and hold the ball there for a few deep breaths.