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Our Story

Will and Richard were both born with genetic eye conditions that apparently had no means of improvement. They spent years hearing from doctors that there was nothing that could be done unless medical research could find a cure. They faced no viable alternative to a lifetime of vision deterioration. By chance each encountered the notion of self healing and began to research the possibility of improving their vision.

Individually, after working with eye exercises they noticed a distinct improvement; both getting rid of their glasses that they had worn since childhood. For once in their lives they had hope that their bleak prognosis might not be correct after all. This motivated them to further pursue vision improvement and they soon found themselves as advocates for self healing. They saw so much reward in this work and could not believe that it was not common knowledge for all. Each decided to change their career paths and dedicate their lives to helping others to discover and progress in the journey of self healing.

Will and Richard met while training in the Meir Schneider Method for Self Healing in San Francisco. This method was founded by Meir Schneider, Ph.D., L.M.T. who, as a teenager, cured himself from blindness and now holds a driver’s license in California. Through this training Will and Richard developed their knowledge of vision improvement techniques and how to help many other visual conditions. They also learnt the valuable lesson that working on the body can further improve the eyes. During this training they were amazed at the success this method has with many body conditions. They began working on everything from Arthritis and back pain to Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclerosis.

They then realized that the best way to reach out to others and share their knowledge and experience about vision and body conditions was through public lectures and the Internet. As a team they compiled their findings and translated it into the Learn, Create, Integrate formula that the general public could easily understand and use.

Will and Richard now spend their time running the site, working with clients and giving lectures to anyone who will listen.

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