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Internet or Phone Sessions

William Fuller teaching vision improvementSingle Coaching Session (60 min $130, 75min $145)

Everyone is an individual and has individual needs. In these coaching sessions we work with the person as well as the condition. We find this to be essential for an individual to fully understand their condition and to get the full benefits from their program.

In Single Sessions we take the Learn, Create, Integrate approach and customize it to suit your personal needs. We help you to:

  1. Learn how the self healing exercises will work for you and your condition.
  2. Create a customized self healing programme that suits your personal needs.
  3. Integrate the customized programme into your daily life helping you to realistically perform the exercises regularly without taking up too much of your time.

Contact either Will or Richard to schedule a consultation or session.


In-Person Coaching Sessions

Motivation with eye exercises

Take your self healing program to the next level by coming to San Francisco for in-person self healing sessions that also include bodywork. These face-to-face, hands-on sessions allow us to design a highly customized program based on first hand experience of your vision or body condition and your personal needs.

We are both Certified Massage Therapists and Advanced Student Practitioners in the Meir Schneider Self Healing Method. This unique method of bodywork was developed over the past 40 years through helping and improving clients with a variety of conditions from macular degeneration to musculadystrophy. Using this proven method we will employ specialized massage techniques and concepts devised to address you and your condition.

Single (60 min $130, 75min $145)



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