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Books and DVDs For Eyesight Improvement

The Art of Seeing

This book is a great insight into learning better visual habits to improve your eyesight.

The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses

Dr, William Bates, a graduate of ophthalmology in 1881 developed a series of eye exercise becoming known as the Bates method. These exercises make up the core of many eye exercise programs today.

Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

This book goes into great depth on eye exercises and there use.

Self-Healing My Life and Vision

An inspirational book by Dr. Meir Schneider. This book tells the story of growing up blind and how Meir became sighted through eye exercises. This book was the launching pad for both Will and Richard’s self-healing journey.

Yoga For Your Eyes

This DVD created by Dr. Meir Schneider goes through all the fundamental eye exercises to help improve eyesight

Vision Improvement Tools

The Natural Vision Improvement Kit

Contains everything a person would need to start vision improvement at home. This was ordered by Will the second he put down Meirs book “My Life and Vision.”

LED Flashing Wand

Anything that has color and flashes is great for Peripheral Vision Eye Exercise in the Dark. This is one tool we have found that achieves this.

Flashing Bike Lights

These lights can be used independently to flash in the peripheral field in the dark when performing the ‘Peripheral Vision Eye Exercise’. They can also be used to stimulate fuzzy spots in the eye.

Red and Green Glasses (Right Lens Red)These glasses allow the two eyes to work independently when performing the “Red and Green Glasses Eye ExercisePLEASE NOTE that these glasses have a red lens on the RIGHT EYE. purchase these if your right eyeis the one you want to improve

Red and Green Glasses (Left Lens Red)

These glasses allow the two eyes to work independently when performing the “Red and Green Eye Exercise PLEASE NOTE that these glasses have a red lens on the LEFT EYE . Purchase these if your left eye is the one you want to improve

6 LED Flashlight (3 Red + 3 White LEDs)

Use this red LED flash light whilst wearing the red and green glasses when tracing the light around the circle in the “Red and Green Glasses Eye Exercise

Flashing LED Glasses

Take the lens out and wear them whilst on the computer or reading to help keep the peripheral field active.

Magic Eye: A New Way of Looking at the World

Use this book to strengthen your convergence muscles preventing and improving presbyopia

Reading Tools

Pinhole Glasses

These are a great way to use your natural eyes to see clearer without your corrective lenses. Although we prefer you use your naked eye; instead of squinting to see or using prescribed glasses, try pinholes instead.

Full Spectrum Desk Lamp

We always talk about the harmful effects of modern day lights, especially in the office and school environments. These lights go against the way our eyes were designed to see at their best: in natural sunlight. Although full spectrum lights are still not as good as the sun, they do provide a more natural and brighter light, making it easier for our eyes to see clearer and also reducing strain.


One of the great advantages Kindle has over traditional books is that you can enlarge the text that you are reading. This helps you when wanting to read with your natural eyes instead of needing corrective lenses. Another advantage is the text-to-speech option. With this option you can have the book read to you so you can rest your eyes.


Both Will and Richard use this software to convert e-books or anything lengthy they want to read into an audio file. This means they can rest their eyes and even perform the ‘Palming Eye Exercise’ while the computer reads text to them.

Books for Body Improvement

The Handbook For Self-Healing

A must have book for all those looking to improve an array of body conditions from MS to Asthma. It is also a great guide for those looking to live a better physical life.

Movement for Self-Healing

Written by Dr. Meir Schneider about his success and experiences treating different people and their conditions.

Stretch to Win

This book gives great advice on techniques for stretching. It also gives details on how the facia (net around the muscles) are interconnected and how releasing tension in one muscle can help another.

Trail Guide to the Body

For those wanting to take their Self-Healing one step further by learning about the muscles effecting their condition and how to massage them. Make sure you buy the RED book and not the BLUE work sheet book, unless you want to test yourself.


Tools For Body Improvement

Tennis Balls

We use Tennis Ball Exercises for the feet, legs and back to relieve tension in muscles. We prefer second-hand tennis balls because they are softer. You can probably get these free at your local tennis club..

Foam Roller

Just like the Tennis balls, the foam roller can be used to relieve tension in the muscles. There are many videos on You Tube that show you how to use it.

Exrcise Ball

This is great for those who work at desks and spend a lot of time stationary. it allows you to keep the lower back active with rotations and movements. they are also great to perform exercises and strengthen your core

Yoga Mats

These mats are great to perform your movement and body exercises. If these are not thick enough some people prefer doubling up two.


Both Will and Richard own this Juicer and use it on a regular basis as a means to get a boost of nutrition for the body and in particular their eyes.


A great practical blender for all basic needs and comes with a food processor add on helping you get double for your money.