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Uncertainty and feeling overwhelmed can be a painful and unnecessary part of your vision improvement journey. 

Get confident and clear on what you need for clearer eyesight now.


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What’s Next?

      1. Get clear on what you want to achieve with your eyesight

      2. What you specifically need to do and when to do it, to achieve clearer vision in the shortest time possible

If this sounds good to you then email me at: visionbodymind@gmail.com and lets start moving you forward! 

About Your Vision Coach

Born and educated in the UK, William had worn glasses from the young age of four. After damaging his eyes in a boxing match at the age of 22 he turned to vision education for essential support.  Surpassing his own expectations, within one year he no longer needed his glasses and never looked back.

Inspired to share his success story and the science behind it, William moved from mainstream international teaching to coach online holistic health care and vision education. With a goal to reach millions around the world he currently has over 5K downloads of his authored e-books and programs. He also has 74K meditation listens on Simple Habit, 1M YouTube views and 3.4M WikiHow article reads.


William has a background in Sports Science, Sports Medicine and Education. His holistic health education at the School for Self Healing allows for an effective and unique learning experience.  Establishing what you need most right now, then moving you forward step-by-step to your health and vision goals. 

By incorporating  mindset and lifestyle coaching into your vision improvement program you learn how to integrate vision education into your life, so that you can start to enjoy those long-lasting results you have been looking for.

William has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in coaching health and fitness. With over 10 years experience of running his own online and in person practice, which was founded in downtown San Francisco. Naturally he specializes in coaching hardworking computer users who are motivated to start seeing results fast despite a busy life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the call?

Calls last around 45 minutes 

How are the calls held?

Calls are held online via zoom. You will receive a zoom link once you confirm your specific date and time.

What requirements must I meet for the call to be a success?

Ideally you: 

  1. Are committed to improving your eyesight naturally 
  2. Can speak and understand English (not fluently)
  3. Have a device that can hold zoom calls 
  4. Have a camera for the zoom calls 

I am not sure you can help me?

During the assessment call we will discuss your history and condition. From this we establish your best pathway to success.