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    Q: How long will it take to improve my vision?

    A: This question is always one of the first that somebody asks us. Understandably, people are looking for a quantified amount of time. For example, in medicine they tell you to take three 130 mg antibiotics per day for 3 days and you will be better in one week. However, whether it is mainstream medicine or self healing, everyone is an individual and reacts differently to different remedies at different times in their life. There are many variables, such as stress, condition, goals and how much time you devote to the exercises, that play a role in how long the self healing process will take.

    Q: Should I wear my glasses or contacts?

    A: The goal of natural vision improvement is to use you natural vision. So, in general, we encourage you to leave your glasses or contacts off when you are in a safe environment doing something simple; in other words, when you don’t really need them. We prefer glasses to contacts because they are easier to put on and take off and do not cover the eye. We both used to wear glasses and understand the frustration and fear when you first take them off and the world is blurrier, but as time goes on and as you do the exercises, things will start to sharpen up.

    You can also slowly wean yourself off glasses making it easier to adjust. Find an optometrist who will prescribe glasses that correct your eyes to 20/40 rather than 20/20. You will find that over time your eyes improve enough with these reduced prescription glasses to reduce the prescription even more.

    Q:  How many hours per day should I do the exercises?

    A: This is always a difficult question to answer because everybody is different with different needs. One person may need to do 4 hours a day whereas another may only need to do 30 minutes. You will just have to experiment to see how much you need. If you are concerned about having enough time in your day, focus on integrating the exercises into your daily life.

    Q: Why have I never heard of vision improvement and does it really work?

    A: We have all heard that eyes cannot improve, but instead only get worse. The only available solution to vision problems seems to be glasses or surgery. Just like the world being flat in the 1400s, this seems to be the accepted, common sense approach to vision problems in our era and it is rare to hear anyone say that vision improvement is possible.

    However, we have experienced our vision getting better in our own eyes and seen similar improvement in our clients and friends, so we know that improvement is possible. I’m sure you have also experienced moments when your vision improves when you are more relaxed or rested. Our experience tells us that our vision is variable and can even improve, but why take our word for it? See for yourself.

    Q; Should I have LASIK?

    A: In short, the answer is No. The eye is a sophisticated piece of equipment and is made up of many systems devised to give you the best vision possible. To have surgery and play with this can have many negative consequences. It is hard to justify these risks, especially for aesthetic reasons like not wanting to wear glasses. Your eyes will also change over the years (hopefully for the better once you start doing eye exercises); so even after the  LASIK surgery, your eyes could easily change prescription again, causing you to need glasses anyway.

    This quick and temporary fix of your eyes doesn’t seem worth the risk of cutting into your eyes and the complications that could come from it. For us surgery should be a last option. Try the exercises first. If you try your best and still see no improvement, then think about the surgery.