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William Fuller


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William Fuller has been working with the Meir Schneider Method for many years but officially started his self-healing training in the summer of 2010. As early as 15 years of age, Will showed a keen interest in anatomy, physiology, body mechanics and nutrition. After high school, William chose these interests as his future career path and obtained a BTEC National Diploma in Sports and Applied Science at Mid Kent College. This helped develop his knowledge even further but he still wanted a greater understanding of how the body functions and which systems support it.

He achieved this by obtaining a degree in Sports Science with honors from Southampton University in the United Kingdom. This in-depth knowledge of the human body and how it works combined with his training in the Meir Schneider Method enabled William to develop a deep understanding of Meir’s work and how to apply it to those who need it.

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In 2006 William went on to obtain a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Physical Education from Southampton University. He taught a vast range of abilities and ages for five years around the world including Southampton, London, Kenya and Kuwait. The extensive skills and experiences William learned over this time further allows him to educate people at their own pace in how to safely work with their bodies in an easy to understand way so they too can increase their health and well-being.

Now with over 1000 hours of training and countless more hours of experience, William is a full-time educator and practitioner at the School Self-Healing in San Francisco and is a Certified Massage Therapist. Here he can be found delivering online and in-person lectures as well as single or double private sessions working with both vision and body conditions of all types.Motivation with eye exercises

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About Will


I was born in England and officially diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) at the age of 14 . This rare condition is a hereditary disease that has effected many members of my family. RP is a loss of function in the rods and cones of the retina. Over time this leads to night blindness, tunnel vision and eventually blindness. There are currently no medical cures or treatments for RP. I was also fitted with glasses around the age of 5.
Despite having poor peripheral vision, I always had a great passion for sports and obtained a Bsc (Hons) in Sport Science from Southampton University. While studying here, I found a greater passion for teaching and went on to obtain my Physical Education teaching degree.
Before my teaching practice started, whilst assisting a classroom teacher I noticed blurring vision in my left eye. Thinking that this was his RP progressing I tried ignoring it and move on. I visited a specialist opthomologist to check on the RP and to my surprise I was asked if I had received any trauma to the head.
I soon realized that a few weeks prior I had taken a few more hits than normal at a boxing club that I coached at. The opthomologist informed me that I had retinal edema (swelling of the back of the eye) causing the vision to blur. After a steroid injection into the eye the swelling subsided. However, the blurring remand and a pseudo macular hole (missing cells in the macula creating the perception of a hole) was developed. I was told nothing could be done to help other than an operation which had a 60% chance of leaving me blind.
By chance, soon after the incident, I was listening to one of Deepak Chopra’s audio books called Quantum Healing. Here Deepak talked about how a man called Meir Schneider who had reversed his blindness and now had a driving license. I quickly ordered Meir’s book “My Life and Vision’ and later the “Natural Vision Improvement Kit’, which guided me through some basic eye exercises. This started a four year chain of events that led me to London, Kenya, Kuwait and eventually San Francisco. where I spent three full years training alongside Meir Schneider to become an educator in his method.
After plenty of hard work and persistence I no longer wear glasses and have noticed clear, increased improvements in my eyesight, especially with my peripheral field. My ambition is to give others the same chance I had in improving not only my vision, but also body and mind.

William Fuller

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