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Blinking Eye Exercise


How the Blinking Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight

BElizabeth, Marylandlinking is the body’s natural way of moistening, rejuvenating and protecting the eye. The human eye should blink around 25 times a minute. However, for most of us this rate is less than half of that. When using the computer or reading, in an effort to focus more intently, we blink even less.

This leads to staring and, in fact, lessens the amount of detail you see, as it freezes the saccadic movement of the eye. By blinking we break this stare and allow our vision to be clearer, with more detail.


Even if we are blinking at the correct rate, for a lot of us it is a rushed, anxious blink, instead of being soft and slow. By performing this eye exercise you are retraining the brain to blink in a relaxed, nourishing way and preventing the eyes from freezing in a stare.

Brandon, USABlinking Eye Exercise Summary

The Blinking eye exercise is a series of steps that guide you through softly and gently opening and closing each eye. Combined with breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques this exercise will reconnect you with a natural way of blinking and will help you overcome eyestrain and dry eyes. You will also be less likely to stare when using computers, smart phones, reading or engaging with any near activity.

Blinking Eye Exercise Step-By-Step

  1. Remove any corrective lenses i.e glasses and contact lenses.
  2. Take 10 deep breaths, opening the eyes slowly with each inhalation and closing them on each exhalation.
  3. Take 10 deep breaths, closing the eyes when breathing in, and opening them when breathing out.
  4. Now place two fingers on the upper lid of one eye. Make sure you are just above the eye ball, but under the eyebrow.
  5. Whilst gently holding the one eye closed with the fingers, open the eye not being held on the exhale and close the eye on the inhale. Repeat 10 times.
  6. Try to feel the movement in the eye that is being held closed with the fingers. Eventually, the fingers will feel no movement, because the other eyelid will learn to work independently.
  7. Gently, blink 25 times with both eyes and feel if there is a difference between the two, for example lighter, bigger, more control etc.
  8. Repeat steps 4-6 with the other eye.
  9. For 10 deep breaths, with both eyes closed, stroke the eye lashes horizontally. Do so very gently and imagine the eye lashes getting longer, and longer, as you stroke them.
  10. For 10 deep breaths, With the eyes still closed, continue to stroke the imaginary larger eyelashes, except this time picture that the eyelashes are opening and closing the eye.
  11. Physically, open and close both eyes gently, imagining that the eyelashes are doing the movement and feel for a difference in sensation, i.e. lighter, bigger, more control etc.
  12. For one last time, close the eyes and take 3 deep breaths. As you do this, imagine your eyelids and lashes are stretching further and further down towards your feet with every breath.
  13. Imagine you are opening and closing those giant, floppy eyelids 10 times.
  14. Now physically open and close the eyelids, feeling for any difference.