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What Can I Expect?

— Look, Feel and See Better —

— Improve Mood and Confidence —

— Reduce Stress and Anxiety —

— Improve Sporting Performance —

— Help Prevent Future Projected Eye Conditions Such As Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Detached Retina and Cataracts —




— Look, Feel and See Better —

Look Better – Better vision can help improve posture and body mechanics. Next time you are leaning into your computer screen or device notice if it is because the screen is a little blurry and you’re trying to make it clearer?

Feel Better – When your vision is clearer you feel more confident and relaxed. This also improves posture and better body mechanics which research shows makes you feel better.

See Better – Stop taking the gift of sight for granted. Science is establishing  more and more evidence that long hours indoors, starring at screens close up is a major contributor to weaker and poorer vision. By simply learning how to correctly use the eyes and strengthen them your vision can become stronger and clearer.

 — Improve Mood and Confidence —

Blurry tired vision can leave you feel fatigued and unhappy. Which in turn can also lower self-esteem and confidence. Clear up your vision to clear up your mind – by improving your eyesight you feel more awake and energized throughout the day. This fills you with the confidence needed to achieve your daily goals and get ahead in life.

— Reduce Stress and Anxiety —

Seeing your vision diminish can be very stressful and anxiety producing. Especially when the medical doctors tell you “nothing can be done to improve vision”. Many students of this work find that applying simple, manageable and enjoyable solutions to improve their vision, many stresss and anxieties greatly diminish. Even better is when their vision improves, so does their stress and anxiety levels, especially once they realize that their vision really can improve naturally!

— Improve Sporting Performance —

It is no secret that hand eye co-ordination and spacial awareness are key components to good sporting performance. The co-founder of this course has a background in Sport Science and has merged this knowledge in a way that helps boost better sporting performance.

— Help Prevent Future Projected Eye Conditions Such As Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Detached Retina and Cataracts —

Medicine believes that as you age it is impossible to avoid one or all of the following:

  1. Glaucoma – damage to the back of the eye secondary to pressure build up in the front of the eye. This is quickly becoming a key cause of blindness in today’s society.
  2. Macular Degeneration – loss of central vision secondary to damage at the back of the eye.
  3. Detached Retina – high risk in high Myopia sufferers due to elongation of the eye and thinning of the retina.
  4. Cataracts – Clouding of the lens.

Many of these conditions can be avoided and risks greatly reduced by working to improve your eyesight and your visual habits now. Think of it as a visual investment for the future.


1.Choose Your Condition


2. Sign Up To FREE 30-Day Trial

3. Start Improving Your Eyesight!


How it works

Tap back into the brain and body’s ability to improve vision naturally

In just three simple steps

1. Psychology 

Deepen your cognitive understanding and daily awareness of poor visual habits and relearn how to see clearly. 

2. Physiology


Rebalance the eye by releasing hidden tension patterns that prevent you from your inherent clearer vision. Strengthen key eye muscles to bring stability back to the structure and assist the eye in seeing better.

3. Habit

Repeat new vision habit and exercises for more than 21 days to establish the new long term vision habits. 





To choose your specific course

What are People Saying?



































1.Choose Your Condition


2. Sign Up To FREE 30-Day Trial

3. Start Improving Your Eyesight!



Change your brain change your vision

It is very challenging in our busy stressful lives to remember to take frequent beaks from near work. That’s why this vision improvement guide utilizes the latest in cognitive behavior techniques to retrain the brain to monitor your vision subconsciously leaving  you to focus on the task at hand.


Stop fighting yourself

Wonder why vision is blurrier towards the end of the work day? Science shows that eye tension and weakening of certain muscles in the eye gradually builds throughout the day as you continually stare from near. That’s why over time just taking a short break from near work or the computer just doesn’t clear up your vision anymore.  By addressing the root cause of the problem those short breaks can be maximized once again for improved eyesight.

What exercises improve my eyesight?

Want to know which eye exercises are best for your eyesight? Tired of catching yourself with blurry fatigued eyesight no matter how many breaks you take from the computer? Strengthening key areas of your vision rebalances the structure of the eye  and maintains good vision. Leaving you free to focus on more important things in like being a happy, healthier and active you. By signing up today you will get instant access to key exercises needed to start improving your eyesight now.

Can my eyesight improve?

No matter your condition understanding and implementing basic vision improvements principles helps balance the visual system and strengthens the structure.  As a consequence key components of eyesight can improve leaving you with a sense of clearer and tension free vision. Still have doubts? check out all these people who have improved their eyesight.





To choose your specific course

I’m too young for blurry vision!

Thinking you’re too young for blurry fatigued vision? Not convinced genetics is the only cause of eye problems? More and more research shows that long hours of indoor near work is a major contributor to weakening vision and elongation of the eye (nearsightedness/myopia). Get to the root of the problem then restrengthen the vision…simple!

Frustrated that you don’t have enough time?

  • This vision improvement course is designed so that you can learn at your own pace…no need to rush!
  • Small investment of time now for lifetime benefits
  • See immediate results that last
  • Create new positive vision habits so you don’t have to think about poor vision anymore
  • Learning these fundamentals allow you to apply the approach to your daily activities so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Save time and money searching online for answers to your problem when the answer is already here.

Is this expensive?

  • No commitment and cancel anytime
  • Sign up today and get FREE 30 day free trial
  • Was $16.99 now only $12.99 month or $7.99 month annual pay
  • Compare that to how much you spend on glasses and loss of productivity it’s a no brainer!


Tired of being tired?

Sometimes that second or third cup of coffee just doesn’t work! Studies show that long hours indoors staring from near fatigues the eyes and weakens vision. It’s no wonder you feel exhausted at the end of the day. Learn to maintain a natural source of energized vision keeping you on top of your game!

Utilizing cognitive behavioral techniques and the latest in self-care techniques in only a few months you can relearn good visual habits and have the knowledge to maintain that for the rest of your life!

  • Imagine 10 years from now still benefiting from a minimal amount of your time now
  • Image 30 years from now still benefiting from this program… now that’s what you call a return in investment!


1.Choose Your Condition


2. Sign Up To FREE 30-Day Trial

3. Start Improving Your Eyesight!



 Over 30 Educational  Introduction  videos –  3 minutes or less!


Over 10 total vision, body and mind exercises filmed in different scenic locations – 5 minutes or less!

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