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Bone Tapping

The bones of the skeleton play an essential role in the body’s efficient everyday functioning. Some of it’s important jobs include blood production, organ protection, structure and support of the body, movement and calcium storage. As you can imagine the body makes sure our bones are kept at their optimum to make sure the aforementioned jobs can be achieved daily. The bone has many functions to keep it at its optimum such as remodelling and transportation of nutrients and waste. The more active and efficient these functions are the stronger and healthier our bones and skeleton will be.

Therefore, it makes sense that we want to help activate and stimulate these functions, which maintain and develop bone strength. One way of accomplishing this is by a technique known as Bone Tapping.

  1. Start by tapping the finger tips together for 1 minute to help build up sensitivity in the fingers.
  2. You can start from head to toe, vice versa or simply focus on an area. Regardless of where you start, you want to be tapping with the fingertips on the bone so that you feel the vibrations. Certain people will prefer different types of force so experiment with it and see for yourself.
  3. Now play with different speeds and tempos as you work all the way up, down and around the bone.
  4. If you get to an area where there is muscle covering the bone, which inhibits you from tapping directly on it, then use the side of a closed fist to tap onto the muscle. You should feel the vibrations going through muscle to the bone. A little tip is to feel as the though the muscle is a trampoline and your fist is bouncing back from it every time.

Feet Tapping

  1. As an addition to the massage, whilst sitting down you can continuously and alternately tap the balls of the feet against the floor. This sends vibrations up into the legs and bones.
  2. Then alternately tap the heels of the feet on the floor.
  3. If your’re feeling really adventurous, alternately and continuously tap the feet on the floor whilst alternating between the balls and heels of the feet.
  4. Combine the feet tapping with bouncing the side of the fists on top of and around the thighs
  5. Finally, you can repeat steps 1-3 whilst standing and feel the vibration go all the way to the head.