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Determining Eye Dominance

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How Determining Eye Dominance Can Help Improve Eyesight

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In early childhood one eye becomes dominant over the other. More nerves grow to facilitate the functioning of the dominant eye allowing it to fixate on objects more quickly. This is normal to a point.

However, if the dominant eye fully suppresses vision in the other eye, because it is crossed or substantially less clear, then the child develops Amblyopia. We have also found that lessening the dominance of one eye over the other can often improve vision substantially.

For these reasons it is useful to your vision improvement practice to establish which of your eyes is dominant.

Felicher, ALDetermining Eye Dominance

Hold your hands up in front of your eyes and create a triangle shape. Frame a distant object within the triangle, viewing it with both eyes. Close one eye and then the other to see when the object shifts out of your framing triangle. The framed view of your dominant eye is usually very close to the view of both eyes together.

Determining Eye Dominance Step-By-Step

  1. Form a triangle with both hands about a foot away from your eyes.
  2. Look through the triangle with both eyes at some discrete object like a clock or light switch.
  3. Close one eye at a time.
  4. The object you have focused on will shift dramatically or even disappear entirely from inside the triangle when you close either your left or your right eye. The eye that is CLOSED when the object shifts from the center of your triangle is your DOMINANT eye. The eye that is OPEN when the object shifts is your SUPPRESSED eye. Just to be clear, you can also think of it this way: When your dominant eye is open it sees pretty much the same view as both eyes together since it is your dominant eye that you use for aiming.  So if you close your left eye and nothing much happens inside your triangle, you are right eye dominant. If you close your right eye and nothing much happens inside your triangle, you are left eye dominant.
  5. If you don’t see much shift with either eye closed, make your triangle smaller and try again.