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Double Vision Eye Exercise (Melissa)

How the Double Vision Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight

Caleb, USA 2

This eye exercise encourages the individual to use both eyes independently. It prevents conflict between the eyes,  strengthens, coordinates and balances the use of the extra ocular muscles.

It was designed by Dr. Meir Schneider to help the fabulous Melissa Moody who had acquired double vision after being run over by a truck. It will also bring rest to an individual experiencing double vision since blocking the central vision with the piece of paper takes away the daily strain of trying to fuse a single image.

Brandon, UtahDouble Vision Eye Exercise Summary

Place a strip of thin card vertically between the two eyes. Throw and catch a ball from one hand to the other to separate and activate each eye individually.

Double Vision Eye Exercise Step-By-Step

  1. Double vision eye exercise Richard WebRemove any corrective lenses i.e glasses and contact lenses.
  2. Take a large strip of paper 2 in. x 8 in and place it vertically between both eyes, tape one end to your forehead and the other to your chin. This is also a great way to loose weight as it is very difficult to eat!
  3. Keeping your head facing forward take a tennis ball and throw it above your head from the left hand to the right. Make sure you can only see the left hand with the left eye and the right hand with the right eye.
  4. Throw the ball back again and continue throwing from hand to hand, playing with different heights for five minutes or more.
  5. Progressions of this eye exercise could be throwing the ball and clapping once, twice or thrice before catching it again. You can also do this with a partner throwing and catching at the same time with opposite hands.