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Head Massage

We want to separate the scalp from the skull as much as possible because tightening of the skull prevents allot of nerve and muscle activities. We also want to encourage a good flow of blood to the head, helping nourish the brain and eyes.

  1. Skin roll (pinching the skin between the fingers) the scalp and forehead all over by grabbing small pieces of skin.
  2. Gently hold the hair nearest the scalp and pull, repeat this in different areas of the scalp.
  3. Alternate between 1 and 2 a few times.
  4. Now massage the entire scalp by using your fingers to make large circles in all directions, moving the skin up and down and side to side. When working on the temples massage very gently since this is the weakest part of the skull.
  5. Spread the fingers out and place the fingertips on the head, now open and close the hand, performing a sort of scratching motion on the surface of the head. This should be very light. Your intention should be on moving the skin on the head forwards and backwards, performing this all over the head.
  6. Now repeat the previous step except your intention should be on moving the tissue underneath the skin. This means that the pressure will be slightly more.
  7. Lightly tap with the fingers all over the head at a speed that feels good. Make sure you go light when working on the temples.
  8. Finally, repeat any of the previous techniques that felt particularly good for you.