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Palming Eye Exercise

Elizabeth, MarylandHow the Palming Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight

The Palming eye exercise is essential to improving eyesight, as it rests and relaxes the eyes.

It achieves this through allowing the optic nerve to completely rest from any external light or activity.

The palms gently touching your eye orbits also brings healing attention and energy to the eyes.

Pearl, CA

Palming Eye Exercise Summary

There are three different ways you can position yourself for palming. However, in general, Palming involves closing your eyes  and gently cupping your hands around the eye orbits.


Palming Eye Exercise Step-By-Step

Eye exercise 1 – Palming at a Table

  1. Remove any corrective lenses i.e glasses and contact lenses.
  2. Palming is still beneficial even outdoors, but for best results find a comfortable room that can be darkened as much as possible.
  3. If more darkness is needed, put blankets over the blinds or curtains.
  4. Sit at a table or desk and place pillows under your elbows so that your upper arms are stretched almost straight out, perpendicular to your chest.
  5. discovering eye exercses to improve eyesightRub your hands together to generate some warmth and energy.
  6. Keeping your back and neck as straight as possible, loosely cup your hands and place your palms over your eye orbits. The heels of your palms should rest softly on your cheekbones and your fingers on your forehead. For good blood circulation and to avoid strain, it is important that your hands are resting on your face with the lightest possible touch.
  7. Breathe slowly and deeply using your diaphragm to expand and shrink your abdomen.
  8. Very short palming sessions are still useful, but as a guide, the minimum amount of time should be 10 minutes.

Eye Exercise 2 – Palming Lying Down

You may find this version of palming beneficial if you can not sit for long periods of time or simply like the idea of palming in bed.  One client of ours has been taking sleeping pills for many years.  They started palming in bed at night time and now without pills they can fall asleep with ease.

  1. Remove glasses or contacts.Hand Rotations Richard Web
  2. Lie on your side with a pillow under your head, making sure the pillow is not under the shoulders.
  3. Place another pillow between your two arms, so that one arm is supported by the bed and the other by the pillow.
  4. Gently place your palms very softly over your eye orbits and palm as described above.
  5. If needed, place more pillows around you until you are comfortable enough to palm for the minimum suggested time of 10 minutes.

Eye Exercise 3 – Palming Knee Rest

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation with no tools to palm with. Some people find that this technique simply suits them better.

  1. Remove glasses or contacts.Audio Recording Early Morning Golden Gate Park
  2. Sit with your back against a wall knees bent upright.
  3. Rest your elbows on top of your knees.
  4. Rub your hands together to generate heat and energy.
  5. Place your palms over the eye orbits, making sure no pressure is put around the eyes.
  6. Palm for the minim of 10 minutes, making sure you are not experiencing any back pain. You may find you will have to adjust your position until completely comfortable.