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Presbyopia/Convergence Charts Eye Exercise



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How the Presbyopia/ Convergence Charts Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight

Presbyopia is a eye condition in which the lens becomes stiff. In addition, both the extraocular muscles responsible for converging the eyes onto a single point and the muscles that bend the lens, the ciliary muscles, become weak.

This eye exercise counteracts this by working the extraocular muscles, engaging and strengthening the ciliary muscles and bringing movement and flexibility back to the lens.

This will improve eyesight because a flexible lens and efficient contraction of these two muscles is essential for reading text at close distances.

Gaeta, IndiaPresbyopia/ Convergence Charts Eye Exercise Summary

These charts are specifically designed to have two identical sets of the same text and images side by side. You them converge (cross) your eyes so that a third more pronounced image appears.

In later stages of this exercise you can move the charts around helping to strengthen the muscles of the eye and bring more flexibility back to the lens.

Presbyopia/Convergence Charts Eye Exercise Step-By-Step

  1. Presbyopia ChartsRemove any corrective lenses i.e glasses and contact lenses.
  2. Go to our Store PageĀ  and print out the presbyopia charts.
  3. Look at the O’s on the first page of the charts and begin to cross your eyes so that the O’s overlap and then fuse together.
  4. If you cannot accomplish this fusion as outlined in the previous step, hold a pen halfway between your eyes and the chart and focus your gaze on the pen tip while still noticing the text in the background. Move the pen nearer or farther to fuse the two O’s in the background. Eventually the fused letters will stabilize and you can remove the pen.
  5. In the beginning it will feel like an effort to cross your eyes and hold the two letters together, but you will reach a point where the effort lessens and you can relax into a fused gaze.
  6. Breathe and blink while maintaining the fusion to relax your gaze even more.Large and Small Print 2 Web
  7. Read down the chart toward smaller and smaller letters and notice where you start to lose fusion.
  8. Once the smallest set of eye charts becomes easy move down the page to the larger set of eye charts and finally to the next page with the largest set of eye charts. In this case the largest eye chart is harder because you need to converge your eyes more to fuse the two images.
  9. You can then add another level of difficulty by moving the chart around while maintaining a fused gaze.
  10. Finally, try moving the chart closer and further so that you need to change the converging point where the eyes fuse.

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