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Swinging Eye Exercise


Elizabeth, Maryland 2 RevHow the Swinging Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight

Staring, which is harmful to the natural function of our vision, is a combination of our eyes not blinking and not moving.

This swinging eye exercise works to counteract a frozen gaze and to improve eyesight by bringing movement back to the process of seeing.

Brandon, Utah

Swinging Eye Exercise Summary

Keeping the feet stationary and shoulder width apart, hold you finger out in front of you. Look at your finger and  twist the upper body to your left side and then to your right. Noticing that the scenery behind the finger is moving in the opposite direction.

This helps break the pattern of staring, rests the eyes and activates the periphery.

Swinging Eye Exercise Step-By-Step

  1. Remove any corrective lenses i.e glasses and contact lenses.Long Swing Richard Web
  2. Stand with your feet slightly more than hips’ width apart.
  3. Hold up your index finger in front of your face at a comfortable distance and focus on it (don’t forget to blink!).
  4. Begin to pivot your torso left and right.
  5. As you reach the extreme end of your right pivot your left heel will raise up off the floor and you will spin on the ball of your left foot. The reverse will happen as you pivot to the extreme left.
  6. As you rotate your body to one side, notice how the background is moving in the opposite direction.
  7. Continue swinging for at least a few minutes.
  8. When you finish the eye exercise move your eyes around your surroundings noticing how easily your eyes now move and if your eyesight seems cleaer.