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Vision Journal

By keeping a journal about working with your vision you can help strengthen the awareness of how your eyes are working. It can help show you what activities in your life are causing your eyes to get tired and/or your vision to get worse such as working on the computer for long periods of time, tiredness and poor lighting.

Through journaling you can start to focus on what you need to do in order to improve. Everyone is an individual so certain exercises may not work as well for you as it does others. Your eyes and body will also change over the course of your program. The journal is a good way of keeping track of what is working for you and what is not.

The vision improvement process can be a slow one and over time it is easy to forget how far you have come. Writing in a journal helps motivation by keeping track of your successes. Even the smallest improvement is still an improvement and should be appreciated! A vision journal can also give you a place to deal with the pain and frustrations that are being experienced.