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(10 minute) Morning Eye Relaxation Exercise For Stressed Eyes – Beginners Breath Series 1 of 5

Watch this Morning Eye Relaxation Exercise For Stressed Eyes. Especially if you spend long hours in front of the computer screen. Typical side effects from computer eye strain include: headaches, dry itchy eyes, blurry vision, neck and shoulder pain.

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Good morning, I’m Will Fuller, your peak performance and holistic health coach and thank you for joining me for this: Mornings guided eye relaxation exercise for stressed eyes

You’re probably here because you’ve got headaches, dry itchy eyes, and maybe even some blurry vision from too many hours in front of the computer screen. I’m so glad you’re here because by the end of this morning’s video I’m going to show you how to reduce eye strain as I walk you through a guided meditation.

So by the time we are done you’ll feel less stressed and more relaxed, along with a calmer, more focused mind.

This eye relaxation exercise is part 1 of 5, in my beginners breath series. So make sure you go check out the others when you complete this meditation.