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Coaching Call Full Details

There are a few important pieces of information that you need to remember in order for this to successfully take place:

  • The private email that gives you the access to us is coachingcall@envisionselfhealing.com. Please do not share this email address as we only permit one user per signup.


  • No matter how big or small write your question in an email. Put “Coaching Call” as the subject heading and send it to: coachingcall@envisionselfhealing.com


  • Coaching calls are held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 5 pm Pacific Time.


  • The conference call company we use is called Rondee and the number you need to ring at 6 pm Pacific Time is (409) 777-9000.


  • You will be prompted to dial a pin code which is 697111 and then press the # key


  • You’re in!

Can’t make the call?

After every coaching call we will send you a link to access a recorded version so you never have to worry about making the call or writing notes as we answer your question.

Please note

Calls to Rondee cost no more than any other regular call you make from your home or office phone. Participants dial a California phone number (Rondee is headquartered in California) and are responsible for their carriers charges on whatever rates would normally apply to dial California. For cell phone users, a call to Rondee is exactly like any other call you make anywhere.

We can’t wait to start answering all your questions! So no matter what your question is, if it will help you progress with your eye exercise program and keep you on track to better vision, we want to hear it!

In the next few days we will send you some valuable information on how to make the most out of this unique opportunity so keep your eyes peeled (no pun intended).

We look forward to hearing from you.