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Monthly Blog Archives for September 2012

ESH #30 | Understanding a Holistic Approach to Natural Vision Improvement: Part 2 The Brain

In this podcast Will and Richard talk about the role of the brain in vision and vision improvement. Since 90% of vision comes from the brain we cannot ignore…

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The Importance of Discovering Eyestrain

Envision Self-Healing's Modern Day Mike

  Do you suffer from eyestrain!? No? Are you sure!? Its amazing how the body can tune out from any constant strain that the body is under. Even if you…

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ESH #29 | Understanding a Holistic Approach to Natural Vision Improvement

This week Will and Richard begin a series of podcasts on a holistic approach to Natural Vision Improvement. If we involve the whole body and mind to improve eyesight…

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ESH #28 | Deciding to Go Organic

What are the benefits of eating organic? Does it really make a difference? Is an organic carrot really that much more nutritious than a conventional carrot? ┬áIn this week’s…

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