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Tag Archives: eye exercises

ESH #68 | Top Four Eye Exercises for Farsightedness (Hyperopia)

Bringing Balance to the Eyes

    In this weeks podcast we discuss the top four eye exercises for farsightedness (Hyporopia). Be not sure not to confuse Farsightedness or Hyperopia with Age Related Farsightedness otherwise…

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ESH #65 | How to Improve Vision

Peripheral Eye Exercise Richard Miller

  There are many professionals in natural vision improvement who each have their own ways to improve vision. For us there is not one single thing or activity that will…

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ESH 60 | Vision Yoga

Abductor Stretch

  It is no secret that eye exercises have been part of general yoga practices for centuries. It made sense to the yogis that vision could be strengthened, maintained and…

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ESH #57 | Top Three Eye Exercises for Presbyopia / Age Related Farsightedness

  What is Presbyopia or Age Related Farsightedness? Put simply Presbyopia is a weakening of the eye muscles and a stiffening of the lens.  Just like any other muscle in…

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ESH #56 | The Brain That Changes Itself

  Is the brain something that develops as a child and can never be changed as an adult or does the brain continue to change itself throughout your life? If…

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ESH #55 | Top 3 Eye Exercises for Myopia or Nearsightedness

Audio of Ocean Beach for Eye Exercises

  Anyone who has Myopia (Nearsightedness) and has heard about natural vision improvement wants to know which eye exercises will improve their blurry vision in the distance. Our approach to…

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ESH #44 | 5 Steps to a Successful New Year’s Resolution: Make it Measurable

In part 2 of a 5 part series on setting a successful New Year’s Resolution Will and Richard discuss the need to make your goal measurable. Instead of improving…

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ESH #43 | 5 Steps to a Successful New Year’s Resolution: Be Specific

5 steps to a successful new years resolution

A New Year brings new beginnings. However, for new beginnings to take place we need to make them happen. This involves an individual making an active decision on something…

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ESH #41 | Overcoming Barriers to Natural Vision Improvement: Part 2

overcoming barriers to natural vision improvment part 2

When doing eye exercises we see that they work and our vision improves. The trick is doing vision improvement exercises on a regular basis. In this episode Will and…

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ESH #37 | Three Successful Strategies for Learning Eye Exercises Part 3: Understanding

In this week’s podcast Will and Richard talk about their week finding socks and playing golf. They also talk about the role of understanding in learning eye exercises. In…

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