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Monthly Blog Archives for February 2012

A Good Mindset for Getting Rid of Your Glasses


Getting rid of your glasses can be a shock at first. It can be tough to deal with all that blur. Richard Miller of Envision Self-Healing talks about two strategies…

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ESH #2 | Putting Vision Improvement Into Practice

Books to improve eyesight

In this podcast Richard talks about his 10 day juice fast and Will talks about starting to see the ceiling and floor at the same time. In the topic…

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Convergence Eye Exercise That Improve Eyesight are Everywhere!

convergence eye exercise with tennis balls

  In today‚Äôs blog I will be showing you how convergence eye exercises can be found everywhere. A great example is holding up your two index fingers and crossing your…

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Does Juice Fasting Improve Eyesight?

Does Juice Fasting improve eyesight? In my experience over the last 10 days I did notice an increase in clarity, a reversal of symptoms of my optic nerve atrophy. I’m…

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How to Improve Your Eyesight with a FREE Ebook

Envision Self-Healing's Modern Day Mike

    In this blog I will be telling you where to find a free ebook that will help improve your eyesight. The book is called A Modern Day Guide…

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Get Rid of Presbyopia with Eye Exercises!

Get Rid of Presbyopia!

  What is presbyopia? Presbyopia is the condition in which your arms are no longer long enough for you to read without glasses. It is commonly referred to as “farsightedness”…

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ESH #1 | Laying the Foundations for Improving Eyesight

Road Work sign for improving eyesight

  How can we lay the foundations for improving eyesight? First, we need to look back to the purpose for which our eyes were designed: namely, hunting and gathering….

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