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Yearly Blog Archives for 2011

Is the IPhone Good or Bad for Our Eyes?

iphone fron scrren

  The last two weeks I’ve been playing with my new iPhone and have spent some time to discover what it has to offer. In doing so I discovered some…

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The Eye Exercise that’s Saving My Eye Sight!!

the eye exercise saving my eyesight

    With any condition, physical or visual, you want to ask yourself the question, what is weak and what is strong? What is weak needs to be strengthened and…

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Taking An Eye Exercise Break from the Computer to Avoid Eyestrain

San Fran Sunset

  It’s important to take regular breaks from the computer and do any sort of exercise that makes you feel refreshed. One thing that’s a great exercise to do is…

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A Brief Introduction

Hi everyone, I’m Will Fuller one of the co creators of envision self-healing. This video is a very brief introduction to me and my vision condition. I have a hereditary…

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First Posting

Taxi Lines

My name is Richard Miller and I was born with an atrophy of my optic nerve. Put very simply not enough visual information flows between my eyes and my brain….

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The Beginning

Envision Self Healing logo

Welcome to our first joint blog. We are Will Fuller and Richard Miller, co-creators of Envision Self Healing, a website devoted to helping people along their journey of self-healing. We…

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