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Eye Obstruction Exercise

How The Eye Obstruction Exercise Improves Eyesight It is a basic principle of vision improvement that we can see better using both of our eyes together than we can with…

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Near and Far Eye Exercise

zxczxc   How the Near and Far Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight The ciliary muscle is an involuntary muscle which is part of the middle layer within the eyeball. It is…

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Astigmatism Eye Exercises

sdfsdf     How the Astigmatism Eye Exercises Improves Eyesight The eye condition called Astigmatism is an error of refraction caused by a misshaped cornea. These eye exercises will improve…

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String of Beads Eye Exercise

How the String of Beads Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight This eye exercise will work on fusion and 3D vision, encouraging the eyes to work together as a team, helping to …

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Palming Eye Exercise

How the Palming Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight The Palming eye exercise is essential to improving eyesight, as it rests and relaxes the eyes. It achieves this through allowing the optic…

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Sunning Eye Exercise

zxczxc   How the Sunning Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight The eye exercise called Sunning accomplishes several important, related things. It reduces light sensitivity and thereby reduces the tendency to squint…

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Blinking Eye Exercise

How the Blinking Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight Blinking is the body’s natural way of moistening, rejuvenating and protecting the eye. The human eye should blink around 25 times a minute….

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Distance Looking Eye Exercise

sdfsdf How the Distance Looking Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight In our modern lifestyle we spend almost all of our waking hours looking at close objects. Computers, cell phones and even…

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Determining Eye Dominance

How Determining Eye Dominance Can Help Improve Eyesight In early childhood one eye becomes dominant over the other. More nerves grow to facilitate the functioning of the dominant eye allowing…

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