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Red and Green Glasses Eye Exercise

Eye Exercise 1 – Circle and Flashlight This eye exercise is meant to teach your eyes to work together, to fuse on a single point. It also works to lessen…

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Peripheral Vision Eye Exercise

sdfsdf How the Peripheral Vision Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight Photoreceptor nerve cells called rods are found primarily in our peripheral vision. Rods are particularly sensitive to movement and also become…

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Double Vision Eye Exercise (Melissa)

How the Double Vision Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight This eye exercise encourages the individual to use both eyes independently. It prevents conflict between the eyes,  strengthens, coordinates and balances the…

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Presbyopia/Convergence Charts Eye Exercise

zxczxc   How the Presbyopia/ Convergence Charts Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight Presbyopia is a eye condition in which the lens becomes stiff. In addition, both the extraocular muscles responsible for…

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Convergence Eye Exercises

sdfsdf   How the Convergence Eye Exercises Improve Eyesight These eye exercises will help improve eyesight by working on fusion and 3D vision, encouraging the eyes to work together as…

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Swinging Eye Exercise

zxczxc How the Swinging Eye Exercise Improves Eyesight Staring, which is harmful to the natural function of our vision, is a combination of our eyes not blinking and not moving….

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