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Top 3 Eye Exercises for Eye Muscle Strain For A Strained Eye Muscle – (PT 2 of 5 Why eye relaxation improves eyesight)

Top 3 Eye Exercises for Eye Muscle Strain For A Strained Eye Muscle – (PT2 of 5 why eye relaxation improves you eyesight easily)

These top 3 Eye Exercises for Eye Muscle Strain for a Strained Eye Muscle will give you eye strain relief from the computer or digital screen. For maximum eye relaxation repeat these simple eye exercises frequently, especially if you want to improve your eyesight naturally.

By the end of this video you will learn:
Eye Exercise 1: Relaxing your Cillary muscle, responsible for relaxed clearer
Eye Exercise 2: Releasing tension in your extra Ocular muscles responsible for relaxed eye
Eye Exercise 3: Relaxing your eyelids especially the muscle which is stopping you from blinking

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Let me guess you have been looking at the computer for two or more hours and your eyes for sore, tired, and strained.

Intuitively you feel that his relates to strained eye muscles. Well you’re probably right and top ophthalmologist would go one step further and say your eye muscle strain is likely due to computer vision syndrome. Which effects over 60 million people worldwide and has sky rocketing by at at least 60% in the last few years.

follow these eye exercise if you want long term eye strain relief!


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