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Why is my eyesight getting worse? Dangers of anxiety and blurry vision (Eye Relaxation PT3of5)

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Learning why is my eyesight getting worse by discovering how anxiety and stress can cause eye strain and blurry vision. Is essential If you really want relaxed clearer eyesight.

Is there really a relationship between your eyes and your mind? Most medical professionals would still say”NO”. But with global stress at an all time high, are you seeing for yourself the effects that stress has on your eyesight? If you have experienced recent blurry vision and feel it might relate to stress . Then this video can help validate your experience and guide you towards closing the gap between blurry stressed eyesight and relaxed clearer vision.

  1. Poorer lifestyle choices and habits
  2. Lack of blinking
  3. Pupil dilation
  4. Lack of oxygen
  5. Lack of blood flow
  6. High cortisol levels
  7. Fear vision loss cycle 

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