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The Eye Exercise that’s Saving My Eye Sight!!



With any condition, physical or visual, you want to ask yourself the question, what is weak and what is strong? What is weak needs to be strengthened and what is strong needs to be rested. With my visual disease Retinitis Pigmentosa, it is the rod cells in my periphery which are weak and the cones in my central vision which are strong.

Therefore, to improve my eye sight I need to strengthen the rod cells and rest the cones as much as possible. Hopefully, this explanation will help you understand why this simple eye exercise of blocking the central vision and stimulating the periphery is so effective.

the eye exercise saving my eyesightThis eye exercise consists of using 3 different sized pieces of paper to block the central vision and progressively increase the amount of periphery you are using. Due to the nature of the rod cells responding to movement, by waving your hands to the side of your head with the central vision blocked, you’re stimulating these cells and waking up the periphery.

Start with the small piece of paper waving the hands to the side of the head for about a minute, then change to the medium, then large always waving the hands. Once you get to the large piece of paper, STOP and palm for 5 deep breaths. Then start to decrease the size going from large to medium back down to small always waving your hands to the side of the head. Try to see if the small piece of paper now looks smaller than it did before. This means that the periphery has woken up that little bit more and you may also find your central vision or your eyes in general now feel a lot more rested.

Although I have many other eye exercises that I perform to help my vision, this one in particular was my starting block and have been doing it the longest. For those with stronger peripheral vision the results can be quicker, for myself the improvements are slow, but they are improvements nevertheless, as opposed to a continuous deterioration.  Give this exercise a try whether you have a peripheral condition or not its still great for the eyes!! If you want more detailed instructions for this exercise, please go to:


Happy Healing 🙂


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