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Can Blood Flow Improve Eyesight?


It’s something none of us can live without… but can having better blood flow help improve eyesight? To answer this question it helps to remember the blood’s basic functions, one of which is transporting oxygen and nutrients around the body.

Without this function, each system, such as the digestive or muscular systems, could not function properly. For example, the nutrients could not be taken away form the digestive system to the rest of the body and the muscles could not receive the energy it needs to work.

Good flow improves eyesightEvery cell in our body needs oxygen and nutrients to survive and function properly. The more access our cells have to supplies, the better they can function. Think of a poor postal service as an example, if the deliveries don’t makes it on time and your lively hood relies on getting the mail, your business and life starts to suffer.

This makes it easy to understand how having good blood flow is a great advantage to the eyes and can help us see clearer. Those who want to improve their eyesight can see how better blood flow could also help improve their eyesight by helping the eye function to its best and get all the supplies it needs for good vision.

So why do we have poor blood flow?

I have identified three main areas that I feel contribute to this in today’s society. The first is exercise. More and more of us are experiencing sedentary lifestyles as office work replaces manual labor. Also, we are becoming less active in our leisure time, like watching TV and surfing the Internet, instead of going for walks.

Another cause of poor blood flow can be diet. Eating food high in saturated fat contributes to the arteries clogging and restricting the amount of blood that can pass through. Reducing foods high in fat, checking the labels on foods and understanding the nutrition value are all steps in the right direction when it comes to reducing fat in or diets.

Finally muscle tension is a big contributor to poor blood flow. If our muscles are tight, the amount of blood that can pass through the body freely is restricted.  Furthermore, if the muscles are tight with a lot of tension, they are also receiving less blood. By loosening the muscles, we allow better blood flow throughout the whole body, but most importantly, we can target places to loosen. For example, we can loosen the muscles in  the neck to allow more blood flow to the eyes.

Clearly the benefits of good blood flow are not restricted to the eye. However, when looking at the fundamental jobs that good blood flow provides, we can see that eyesight can be improved by focusing on this essential function.

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