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Convergence Eye Exercise That Improve Eyesight are Everywhere!


In today’s blog I will be showing you how convergence eye exercises can be found everywhere. A great example is holding up your two index fingers and crossing your eyes. You will see that the two images converge into one another, creating a third clearer image.

When doing this, you are using one out of six extra ocular muscles known as the Medialis Rectus. This muscle, which is closest to your nose, turns your eyeball inwards. allowing you to focus on closer images.

convergence eye exercise with tennis ballsUnfortunately for a lot of us, we spend most of our time looking from near, meaning these eye muscles are working for a large portion of the day. Over time, the muscles become weak and stiff making it hard to to focus and track a single object

As long as you have two simple objects, you can converge the eyes so that the two objects merge into a single identical image. For example, you can hold two pens side by side. Because the two images are the same and are next to one another, crossing your eyes allows the two images to merge into a third.

The same principle can be said for any two house hold objects, like tennis balls, money or even photographs. One benefit of using photographs is that they are less boring and can be changed frequently. You can also move from detail to detail on the picture just like the one shown below.Two side by side images of will and Richard for convergence eye exercise

When converging the two images into one, the aim is to hold it for around 5-10minutes. In the mean time, you can shift (move the focus of the eye) from a particular detail in the photo to another. For example, you can shift from Richard’s left eye to right eye, then his chin and repeat the same on my face.

By placing several images side by side on a sheet of paper, you can move between the different images. A great example of this can be found in the Presbyopia chart located in our resources section.

You can see it takes some skill and practice before you become an expert at this and it will be harder for some than others, but it is important to take it easy at first. Only try a few minutes at a time and then build up to the longer periods of holding a single object.

You will also want to try our Eye Muscle Exercises as a way of preventing strain and helping keep balance of muscular eye strength.

Please use the comment box below or email me at will@envisionselfhealing.com to let me know how you get on with the eye exercises and if you find any interesting new ways of doing them 🙂

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Good luck with your eye exercises and happy healing! 🙂


After plenty of hard work and persistence Will no longer wears glasses and has experienced clear, increased improvements in his eyesight. Will's ambition is to give others the same chance he had in improving not only his vision, but also body and mind. View all posts by Will


  • lakhwinder singh

    I’m doing all types of exercises such as eye gymnastics , convergence and many more!! But I never see better result! Please give me some more tips to improve eyesight . I’m farsighted . Thanks in advance..

    • envision

      There could be multiple reasons why you’re not noticing improvements. Sometimes it can help to focus your time on certain exercises that can have a greater impact. Try following the program found in the Eye Exercise Express and use the coaching call bonus to follow with us on how it is going. Best Wishes.

  • Extra occular muscle

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