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Eye Obstruction Exercise for Optic Atrophy

Eye Obstruction GlassesCan you revive atrophied cells, bring them back to life, by simply using them again? How about doing this with the optic nerve? In this blog Richard Miller of Envision Self Healing talks about obstructing one eye as an exercise that will engage the brain to use the parts of his eye that are “blind”.

Optic Atrophy as well as many other serious vision conditions often create blind spots in some part of your visual field. Eye doctors say that these cells are dead and cannot get any better. Try this exercise to see if you can prove them wrong. Obstruct one eye and then try looking at things with your blind spots. You may have already “lost” it but perhaps now you can “unloose” it by using it again!


  • John


    I have the same condition. I will try tjis excersise on my own. Which other thing do you recommend to people with people with optic atrophy. Soft pills of coenzime Q 10 are appropiate in high dosis?

    Thank you so much

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