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Get Rid of Presbyopia with Eye Exercises!


Get Rid of Presbyopia!What is presbyopia? Presbyopia is the condition in which your arms are no longer long enough for you to read without glasses. It is commonly referred to as “farsightedness” because the end result is that you cannot see close up in order to read. However, true farsightedness is caused by a shortening of the eyeball, early on in life.

Presbyopia, on the other hand, comes on at middle age and has very different causes. Presbyopia is caused by four factors. First is a stiffening of the lens; the lens becomes inflexible. Second, the ciliary muscle that bends the lens to see close up  becomes weak. Third, the convergence muscles that cross and  point the two eyes to fuse on a close object become weak. Finally, we at Envision Self-Healing add a fourth factor: the iris becomes underused and weak and cannot create a small enough pupil.

Can eye exercises get rid of presbyopia? Yes, eye exercises can address each anatomical cause of presbyopia. After all, these are muscles that can be strengthened just like any other part of the body. Even the stiff lens can regain at least some of its flexibility. People don’t get rid of presbyopia very often because they just don’t try. It’s all that simple!

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