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How to Improve Your Eyesight with a FREE Ebook



Modern Day MikeIn this blog I will be telling you where to find a free ebook that will help improve your eyesight. The book is called A Modern Day Guide to Improving Eyesight and is based on the basic fundamentals of vision improvement.

Both Richard and I worked hard to develop a book that bridges the gap between a newbie to vision improvement and those who have been following eye exercise programs for some time.

We felt it was essential for people to understand the foundations of natural vision improvement so that they could advance their self healing program that much further.

We also felt that it was important to have an understanding of the human eye, how the eye works and how the eye exercises help improve eyesight.  This would help the reader become more likely to continue with their self healing practice, as it would intellectually make sense, as opposed to performing the eye exercise and hoping for the best.

We divided the book into 10 easy to understand sections. Each section explains a particular part of the human anatomy. We started from the front of the eye and moved towards the back so that it would be easier to follow and also to allow individuals to learn about how the eye works in a logical and easy to understand way.

We explain how Caveman Dave, who is one of our main characters, would have been using his eyes when hunting and gathering.  The book then uses another character, which I am sure a lot of us identify ourselves with, named Modern Day Mike. Mike is a type of person who spends many hours in front of the computer, giving little thought to eyestrain and his eyesight.

The book then shows you how it is possible for Caveman Dave’s positive visual habits and Modern Day Mike’s workload to co-inside and function together. The importance of this is that modern technology, such as computers and their usage, is not slowing down and we’re becoming more and more dependent on it. Therefore, we need to make adaptations in our lives in order for our eye structure, which was designed for the great outdoors, and our modern day life to co-exist.

You can find the ebook A Modern Day Guide to Improving Eyesight on our website www.envisionselfhealing.com. Download the book and away you go!

As always, we appreciate any feedback that our audience has to offer and any questions you may have on the topics raised.

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Good luck with your eye exercises and happy healing! 🙂


After plenty of hard work and persistence Will no longer wears glasses and has experienced clear, increased improvements in his eyesight. Will's ambition is to give others the same chance he had in improving not only his vision, but also body and mind. View all posts by Will

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