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Introduction To The Meir Schneider Method of Self Healing Through Movement, Vision and Body Therapy

I have learned the Meir Schneider Method 10 years ago and up to now I am currently using and teaching it to the purpose of improving one’s eyesight. I reminisce my first time of the method in ocean park in San Francisco where it all began! This was a big milestone for me because in Ocean Park on this same day was the start of my journey as well 10 years ago.

For those who might not know Meir Schneider, his parents were deaf and he was born in 1954 and he was then blind during his birth due to congenital cataracts. After 17 years, his life changes when he met a boy who gave him hope. That was the time when he began his first book and established the Meir Schneider school and foundation.

His work continues to change all thought out the years and people benefit a lot from what he teaches from all parts of the world. As Meir’s self- hearing method continues to help people, it is even more inspiring to hear testimonies and stories of people who benefited and maximized the benefits of his lessons.

For those people who want to know more about Meir Schneider Method and his works, feel free to visit:
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⭐️Visit his Website: https://self-healing.org/

⭐️Also Checkout: http://www.envisionselfhealing.com
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After plenty of hard work and persistence Will no longer wears glasses and has experienced clear, increased improvements in his eyesight. Will's ambition is to give others the same chance he had in improving not only his vision, but also body and mind. View all posts by Will

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