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Rainy Day Eye Exercises Part 1


Everybody likes doing eye exercises when it is a beautiful sunny day and our eyes feel active, rejuvenated and are seeing clearer. However, what about those days when it’s miserable outside and as much as you want to improve your eyesight, the last thing you want to do is leave the house.

Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have continual sunny nice weather all year round. It is important to be able to adapt your eye exercises to your surroundings because consistency is key with an eye exercise program and wanting to improve your eyesight naturally.

In this first of three posts I will be sharing with you ways to adapt eye exercises so that they are better suited for poor weather. I will also show you which eye exercise that you can benefit from not being able to go outside.

Rainy Day Eye ExercisesThe first eye exercise that can be done when the sun does not have his hat on is the ‘Skying Eye Exericse”. This can be done instead of sunning but still allows you to get all the great benefits that the sun has to offer.

What if you still do not want to leave the house? Well as a substitute, you can try full spectrum lights. These are designed to mimic the sun’s full spectrum of light. If you do not know what I am talking about, you can find them in our resources section.

The sun is around 10,000 watts, which would be difficult to replicate and even if you could, I do not think you would appreciate the electricity bill! So, it is important to keep in mind the light is not to replace the sun. However, on those rainy days or if you are limited to sun, it is better to adapt than not do the exercise at all.

Instead of performing the Sunning Eye Exercise outside with the sun, simply place the light in front of you as if it were the sun. close your eyes and turn your head from side to side. Although other benefits such as vitamin D are lost, you still get to work the constrictor muscles in the iris, which make the pupil small. When you turn the head again, the pupil dilates.

Good luck with your eye exercises this week and happy healing!

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