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Rainy Day Eye Exercises Part 2: Palming Eye Exercise


Don’t let those rainy days keep you from doing your eye exercises.  Keep your vision improvement program on track! In this second of three blog post series, I will be sharing with you a great eye exercise that can be performed when venturing outside is not an option.

This great eye exercise that will help improve your eyesight is called the “Palming Eye Exercise’. Palming is a cornerstone eye exercise for all those people wanting to improve eyesight, but it also seems to be the most difficult one for people to do. It could be linked with people wanting to be active and finding it difficult to sit and do nothing for an extended period of time.

Rainy day eye exercise part 2This is why rainy miserable weather is a great time to work on palming and to experiment with different lengths of time. It will show you the great benefits palming has to offer and, you may also find, that your eyes feel much better after palming for longer periods of time.

Palming works best when the room is dark to allow the optic nerve to completely rest. Due to the dark grim weather that normally is associated with rain, you can take full advantage of this and Palm.

Palming is best done in the morning when you are fully rested and is best used to prevent strain, instead of overcoming it. However, I am not saying Palming should not be used when our eyes are tired, in fact, on the contrary, palming is a great eye exercise to use when we feel tired.

In a ideal situation, our eyes would be rested throughout the day with eye exercise breaks so that our eyes do not reach the point of fatigue. This means that the palming eye exercise would then be used for preventing strain, instead of simply helping lessen it.

Most of us have heard prevention is better than cure and palming is a great example of that. By palming in the mornings, we have consciously rested the eyes before another hard days work. It also allows us to be more in tune with our eyes throughout the day to make sure we are not straining.

Good luck with your eye exercises this week and happy healing!

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