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Rainy Day Eye Exercises Part 3


Over this 3 week series, I have been exploring how some eye exercises can be adapted to rainy days so that you can improve your eyesight come rain or shine.  I have also shared with you how poor weather can be taken advantage of.  In fact, it is an excuse to try certain beneficial eye exercises that, otherwise, you might avoid.

Last week I talked about you can take advantage of the rainy weather to experiment with the palming eye exercise and discover the great benefits it has. This week, I would like to share with you another eye exercise that does not get as much attention as it should, an unsung hero of eye exercise you could say!

Those of you who have been following my blogs will know how highly I rate the peripheral vision eye exercise. My reason for this is not only because it has been so key in my ability to improve my eye condition Retinitis Pigmentosa, but also because it can help so many people rest their overworked central vision.

Rainy day eye exercise part 3 If you think about how much you use your central vision in everyday life, it is no wonder that your eyes become tired and fatigued. Imagine training for a marathon and running everyday without a day or two to  rest. It would not be long until you become over fatigued and would feel as though the running is detrimental to your fitness.

The same can be said with our central vision. Although you may have your eyes closed when sleeping at night, the person training for the marathon is not running in their sleep either. Yet we rest from running as it becomes too tiresome to run, but we do not rest our eyes.

The peripheral vision eye exercise gives your central vision some much needed rest from its daily activities. This allows your eyes to grab some time to rejuvenate and simply rest before being back in action again.

This eye exercise also allows the peripheral vision to start playing a more active role in seeing. This is important because we tend to switch off from our everyday periphery as it only serves as a distraction from the task in front of us.  This creates an imbalance in our eyes and causes parts of the visual system to work harder than others. Restoring equilibrium back to vision reduces strain and helps improve eyesight.

Good luck with your eye exercises this week and happy healing!

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After plenty of hard work and persistence Will no longer wears glasses and has experienced clear, increased improvements in his eyesight. Will's ambition is to give others the same chance he had in improving not only his vision, but also body and mind. View all posts by Will


  • Taking healing into your own hands…fabulous! This blog has so much valuable information for anyone looking to improve their vision naturally and safely. I’ve been increasing my vision with diet, vitamin supplements and eye exercises. I wish I had known of these methods years ago! Great information Will. – Denise

    • Will

      Thanks Denise, really glad you are enjoying the content and finding it useful. I am also pleased you managed to find natural ways to improve your eyesight. Hopefully more and more people will get to experience the same improvements we have! Good luck with your exercises – Will

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