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Stem Cell Treatment for Optic Atrophy: My Gut Reaction

Stem Cells?

In this more personal, from the gut blog I question whether stem cell treatment would be right for me. What are the risks? Why is this being done in China and not in the West? Is it simply politics or is the West being appropriately more careful? Part of the treatment is acupuncture and face massage, techniques similar to self healing that bring blood and energy to the optic nerve.  Could I use self healing methods to create a really healthy environment for the stem cells to be implanted? Could it be that self healing is also growing new nerve cells? These are all open questions as far as I am concerned. In the end I guess I am open to the treatment but only after I have really pushed self healing as far as possible.



  • jose

    Richard, there are several things that have to be clarified; first, you have 3 types of stems cells (maybe more) depending on source: Adult, Embryonic and from Umbilical Chord. Making a huge comment short, the last 2 and specially the 2nd one are out of the question, embryonic cells are made to build babies not tissues or organs. You would need immune suppression for the rest of your life and sometimes they do havoc in your body. It is NOT YOUR DNA.The treatments are based on business and not on scientific pursuit.
    With my team we have done extensive clinical research on ADULT STEM CELLS, the ones we find FROM YOUR OWN BODY. They are intelligent, clean, harmless and share your DNA. With the adequate protocols they can regenerate any tissue to even parts of organs. We have successfully regenerated bone, muscle, skin and NERVES in sick human patients, and not for business purposes. I think I know how to prepare growth factors and maybe even stem cells to assist corneal healing, maybe even retina but I am not sure about the optic nerve. We have regenerated beaches of the facial nerve and trigeminal nerve, why not the optic nerve ?, it could be possible. The delivery and activation could be a bit tricky as well as the license to perform such a technique.
    all the best

  • reham

    i made for my son stemcells twice time .my son is 7 years old but no improvement happened ..i lose the hope to treat my son in this way

  • reham

    i really want to have anyway to improve my son vision ..iam really suffering with him in school..coz it is really difficult for him to copy from board ….i wish one day some treatment or cure will appear ..i wish doctors find sollution to help all those children who suffer from this disease

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