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Sunning Eye exercise during your work day could change your vision and mental health!

Sunning eye exercise is considered to be one of the powerful eye exercises and is widely used by many people to mainly for the purpose of improving vision and eye health.  The sunning exercise was known before as light therapy to warm the eyes but not too hot. This helps in proper blood circulation in the eyes and promote better vision.

In an everyday walk going to work, especially when the sun is out, sunning exercise helps improve vision and mental health.  As being exposed in the sun can provide vitamin D, it also helps the overall well-being and vision health of your eyes. Physicians before have made sun exposure dangerous. However, after carefully studying the benefits of sun exposure, it has come to a point that little to minimal exposure to the sun is recommended on a daily basis (before 10 am and after 5 pm). The recommended exposure or execution of sunning is only 5 to 10 minutes a day.

Sunning is an eye exercise which helps relax the eyes through sun exposure. The main concept of sunning is to bathe your eyeballs in the light to constrict (closes) the pupils to give you sharper vision. Some benefits will include helping you read better and sharper vision to details in the world around you. When the eyes are relaxed, this aids in a well-rested sleep at night. This is also a good exercise for people suffering from insomnia. This is a natural way of improving vision and has a couple of benefits as well. One is maintaining the health of your retina which is responsible for a clear central vision and two, optimizes the red blood cell function and creates a good mood and an overall well being.

So what are you waiting for? Do Urban Eye Exercises!

Just five minutes a day of the sunny eye exercise can help strengthen the eyes and retina against the proven harmful effects of screen time and can be a great mental health break!!

Happy Sunning and please leave your comments below!

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