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The Hunger Games Eye Exercise


Can the Hunger Games really improve eyesight!? Am I suggesting you volunteer to enter the hunger games competition and start killing fellow humans? No…thankfully there is a safer way to improve your eyesight, by doing an easy and simple eye exercise.

The eye exercise that will help improve your eyesight and in particular help reduce eye strain is related to eye dominance.  To help explain this i will use the example of the main character in the Hunger Games movie Katniss Everdeen. Like all humans Katniss has a dominant eye that she relies on and uses more than the other.  The dominant eye is developed from a young age when the develops a better brain eye connection and more nerve growth.

The dominant eye can fixate and react quicker than than the other. Just like having a dominant hand it allows us to function better with that one particular eye.  A great example of this would be when Katniss is in the Hunger Games uses the bow and arrow to aim at targets. The eye that she is using to aim with would be her dominant eye as this is the eye that she favors and will allow most accurate results.

The Hunger Games eye exerciseAnother example in our everyday lives rather than hunter other humans, is when we use a camera. The next time you take a photo you will realise that you use one particular eye every time. This eye will tend to be your dominant eye.

There is a simple test for dominance which involves holding both hands up overlapping them creating a circle. Whilst looking at an object in the distance with both eyes open, close your left eye then your right. The eye which maintains the object is your dominant eye. For more details on finding your dominance you can follow this link.

The problem with our modern day use of dominance is that we heavily over use it in our daily lives reading and using computers etc. This in balance of both eyes creates excessive strain on the visual system and overuse of the dominant eye creating fatigue.  Whereas, Katniss who, in the hunger games, is using her eyes how nature intended by hunting and gathering for food etc, and is not creating the same strain we do.

However, it would be unrealistic to ask everyone to take up hunting especially when it puts your life on the line! Instead you can perform the eye exercise of covering your dominant eye. This allows the dominant eye to rest and give the non dominant eye a chance to work.

This eye exercise can be done by using a small piece of paper stuck to the bridge of the nose covering the dominant eye. You can also wear a pair of sunglass’s with one lens removed with the remaining lens covered with tape.

Ideally you would be outside when performing this eye exercise covering, but you can also use it will doing house chores, reading a book, using the computer or watching TV. In particular performing this eye exercise while watching movies like The Hunger Games has particular benefit because there is plenty of fast action. This allows the eye to track quickly the action on the movie screen making the non dominant eye more active.

However, those of you who are not familiar in doing this eye exercise and working the non dominant eye should start by doing it in small intervals of 5 or 10 minutes. The last thing we want to do is create more strain the non dominant eye so take is slow to begin with.

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Hope your eye exercise are coming on well and happy healing .


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