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The Importance of Removing Physical Tension with Retinitis Pigmentosa and Peripheral Vision Loss

Even if you feel that your vision can’t be improved, that the medical profession is telling you that Retinitis Pigmentosa is irreversible, you just must suck it up and wait until a researcher comes up with a cure. Although that idea is not 100% disagreeable taking into consideration the breakthroughs made by the medical field and profession. There are many components that relate to RP which can be improved.

In today’s video, some key observations that can improve secondary symptoms of Retinitis Pigmentosa and Peripheral Vision Loss. One focus and one effective way are by reducing the tension in your life.

Persons who are holding too much in their lives be it in a social situation or a personal one. Being so tensed and anxious all the time is not that advisable.

But how about other areas of our lives that can be improved, for example not walking around stressed and tensed all the time. Or you are hiding away, becoming a little bit more aloof and isolated. That’s where the flight or fight response comes in, or that fear of being out in the open.
Left alone the prognosis that you will be blind by the age of forty.

Indeed, it is not the most positive way to live your life.
When you are looking into something like the Meir Schneider method or eye  exercises and the works here at envisionselfhealing.com, I want you to think a little bit globally, a little bit more holistically about what you could do with your life to help improve the symptoms of retinitis pigments and peripheral vision loss and improvements that you can get in your life.

Even if we’re saying, “Fine, you can’t improve your vision! That’s how it is.”
Let’s put that to one side and consider what else we could look at?
What else could we be doing in our lives if we have peripheral vision loss, Retinitis Pigmentosa, or other severe conditions? What I am recommending is that we take a look at these other facets. The number one thing to be looking at is where our physiological tension is coming from?

By knowing that, we can start to release the tension within us not by just getting a massage but by just doing things by ourselves like stretching, going to yoga, self-massage with tennis balls, or firm rolling.
Try using things that are readily accessible to you.
That sure would improve your vision as a direct response from doing those exercises. Furthermore, maybe your quality of life will develop, and ultimately, that is what we are looking for in our limited time on this planet.

We don’t want to spend it being tensed, hunched, and afraid all the time. Instead, what we are going to think about is how we can relax our body and allowing that tension to let go.
Degenerative conditions like Retinitis Pigmentosa is worsened by tightening tensions around the neck.
The question here is not about how can we cure our eyes, but it’s also how we can slow things down?
How the progression can go less so that we can enjoy the vision that I have while I still have it.
So think about things how you can loosen tensions around the neck as a way of assisting the eyes.
To end with, I am encouraging you to start thinking more holistically about how things can help you with what you are dealing with in life.

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