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Top Tip for Eye Exercise Success


Eye exercises are an essential part of vision improvement. So then, how can we make sure we are not making the big mistake that so many of those who start doing eye exercises make?

Whether it is taking up running, yoga or any new activity, it seems to be human nature to try and be the best and get the quickest results possible in the smallest amount of time. As a consequence, time and time again, people find themselves getting injured or becoming unmotivated to continue the activity the following week or month.

I am sure you have heard the phrase, ‘The best things come to those who wait’. Well, instead of waiting, simply try to take your time when doing something new, especially when performing eye exercises. Instead of rushing to improve your eyesight, try to be relaxed when you are performing them.

top tip for eye exercise Our eyes are under so much hidden strain through daily overuse, performing the eye exercises under further strain will work them too hard and could be the opposite of beneficial.

Although, there are some eye exercises like palming, sunning and distance looking that are very relaxing in themselves, there are other eye exercises, like convergence, that are not.

The easiest way to be relaxed when trying to improve your eyesight with eye exercise is to have a relaxed mindset when performing them. Try to think of them as part of your daily routine and don’t expect any immediate results. Keep a vision journal and make notes of any negative emotions or frustrations you may be experiencing when performing the eye exercises.

The ideal end result from doing your eye exercises is a sense of visual relaxation. Your eyes should feel either more relaxed or more active in a positive way, rather than a sense of being overworked and strained.

As with most activities in the body, the activities function better when the body and mind are relaxed. It can be difficult and frustrating to learn, but performing the eye exercises in a relaxed way will help reduce eyestrain and improve eyesight quicker and better than under strain.

Good luck with your eye exercises this week and happy healing!

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