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Turn Your IPhone or IPad Into An Eye Exercise Machine!


Modern technology is causing many vision problems. I could tell you to give up your smart phone, tablet and computer for the sake of your eyes, but that is a losing proposition. Even I would reject that solution. Instead lets use that technology to help our eyes.

Will and I have spent the last couple of months recording the essential eye exercises on digital audio tracks so you can simply press play to hear us guiding you through your eye exercises.

We have also created a simple chart that tells you which four exercises you should be doing for your particular condition. As an added bonus, we have recorded the sounds from the beach and park as a background to our voices. It’s our hope that this is the next best things to coming to San Francisco and receiving a personal session from us.


  • Carmel

    Hi, I wish to download your eye exercises for my iPad. Can you please forward details.


    Carmel turley

    • envision

      Go to the Store page and purchase the Eye Exercise Express that has all the eye charts plus videos and audios of the eye exercises. Be sure to download it to your computer first and then move the files to your IPad from there.

  • Michael Hare

    My pepral vision is mostly gone due to a stroke almost two years ago

  • Holly Prevatt

    My daughter angelia age 6 has her left eye will cross a few times a day when u get her attention when it crosses its goes back to normal.. the closest place to me for eye theraphy is a hour and half drive there.. i need help with her whats the best way to help at home.. she failed kindergarden i thank its because her dr gave her glasses and she dnt need them she just needs eye thereaphy i dnt want to make a mistake again if her glasses made it worse witch i feel did by the way she is with out then like her brain just shuts off .. iv done research for two days on this.. she never wants to wear them either. I dnt see no problems but when her mind shuts down .. she may have adhd also..

    • envision

      Hi Holly,

      It is great to hear that you are looking to help your daughter with eye exercises. Now is a great time to work in order to correct it. As you can imagine it is difficult for us to give accurate advice without working with your daughter directly here in San Francisco. However, there are still options available:

      1)Follow exercises given under “strabismus”

      2) Set up a one-on-one coaching session via telephone or Skype with us to create a personalized program and go through the exercises.

      3) Buy the Eye Exercise Express and start working on the problems using the Quick Start Reference Guide to give you a generalized program for the condition(s). You can then use the Coaching Call (which is free with the Express) to get your questions answered.

      Number 2 is our prefered option, but we appreciate finance and time can be an issue which is why we also offer online sessions. The Eye Exercise Express is also a great beginners product for you to learn and try out the exercises.

      We hope this helps.

      Best wishes,

      Will and Richard

  • Mar

    Can you give me an advice about accomodating dysfunction of eye focus. My 8-year daughter was diagnosed with it last week. I am looking for more help and training excercises for her.

  • Paula Wittke

    My daughter was diagnosed with covergence insufficiency one day after she turned 9. Do I need a specialized computer program for 545$ for us to do at home? What do you suggest?

  • Ng Teck Seng

    Hi! I have been watching movies everyday on my phone for 6 months and I am now seeing double only when I look at faraway objects.

    Could you suggest any eye exercises to correct that?

    Thank you and best regards

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