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Elevation is part of the basic injury treatment of the R.I.C.E principle, which is: Rest Ice Compression Elevation By elevating a swollen area it allows the fluid to drain away….

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Lat Stretch

Stand with your legs spread out slightly more than shoulder’s width. Raise the left arm in the air and rest the right hand on the right thigh. Slowly lean the…

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Tricep Stretch

While standing, put the right hand behind your back over the top of your head, so that your hand is vertically inline with the spine. Put your left hand on…

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Shoulder Stretch

Stretch 1 While standing or sitting place your right arm straight across your chest. With the left hand push above the elbow feeling the stretch in the shoulder. Hold for…

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Shin Stretch

Stretch 1 Standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with your left foot. Turn the toes of your right foot upside down so that they face the ceiling….

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Quadriceps Stretch

While standing, bring the right heel back to the buttocks, you may ant to use a wall or chair to support you. With the right hand hold the foot of…

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Piriformis Stretch

Stretch 1 Lying on the floor with the knees together,vertically bent. Put the right foot on top of the left thigh, letting the right knee drop to the side. With…

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Neck Stretch

Touch your chin to your chest. Hold for 15 seconds or 3 deep breaths. Look up towards the sky. Hold for 15 seconds or 3 deep breaths. Try to touch…

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Hamstring Stretch

Stretch 1 Standing shoulder width apart, step forward with your right leg and bend your left knee. Sink into your hips, making sure your back is straight with youe feet…

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