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ESH #20 | Eye Exercise Express – A Quick Start Guide to Improving Your Eyesight

In this podcast we tell the story of how we came up with our brand new eye exercise audio guide, the “Eye Exercise Express: A Quick Start Guide To Improving Your Eyesight.”  We give you our reasons for developing features like timing the exercises to exactly ten minutes and the quick start reference chart that tells you which four exercises to do for your particular vision condition. Basically, we are very excited by our new creation and want to share that excitement with you!

Instead of question of the week this week we will be sharing some great success stories from our audience who have improved their eyesight naturally using the eye exercises.

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  • Brandon


    I am glad your client, Nina, has improved her eyesight significantly with such a hard/busy life. May I ask how long it took her to get from 20/800 to 20/100? I know self-healing is a long process especially since it took us many years to get to that stage of bad eyesight, but I am curious.

    One more question:) if I am already doing the myopia free program on your website, I know most of the eye anatomy, I’ve figured out bad visual habits and I’ve looked through your holistic approach. I also have much motivation and time (the 2 barriers). How will the eye exercise express help me? What is the difference between it and the website?

    Thankyou so much!

    • Envision Admin

      Hi Brandon,

      Nina had been working on her eyes for a couple of years by herself, she then came to us for 5 day intensive sessions. It was at the end of these sessions that she saw a jump in her improvement. We are glad the free information is helping so much, our main aim is to help as many people as possible.

      For you the Express will help as it has detailed guided exercises which helps teach you through the exercises as you perform them. This is the closes we could come to offering a private session without the cost or trip to San Francisco.

      The 3 month access to our coaching calls allows you to ask unlimited questions and we can answer them at length. Something we do not have time for in our written responses.

      Good luck with the eye exercises!

      Will and Richard

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