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ESH #22 | Observing Your Vision Improvement Progress

We can learn to carefully observe how our vision changes under stress and after doing eye exercises. We can also become aware of different ways of evaluating our vision other than acuity like the physical feel of our eyes or light sensitivity. In this podcast we give you our experience in how to observe these kinds of changes in vision. In the second half we answer a question about watching TV and the Distance Looking exercise.

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  • sharon

    Thanks for this encouragement- I was told by the optometrit that my eyes were just the same ( astgmatism)and didn’t want to believe that I felt my glasses were too strong but I said to him I can SEE better- then proved it by reading the 2nd bottom paragraph for close up vision when he only expected me to read half way down the page. I was able with my confidence to get an ‘intermediate’ prescripion though he suggested contacts plus reading glasses over the top – eek! or bifocals- well why would I when I can READ without my glasses – so I wear the ‘intermediate’ for driving and TV if I’m watching for an hour or so…
    I’ve got .5 in my less dominant eye and 1.5 I think in my dominant eye – how bizzare!!

    • admin

      Its great to see you are trusting your own vision!! It is a shame more people are not as confident as you are. You might find the pinhole glasses useful for safe activities such as watching tv and reading etc instead of your prescription glasses to help rest and strengthen your natural vision. You can find an example in our resources section. You may also find distance looking, obstructing the dominant eye and the presbyopia exercises very beneficial. Well done on your achievement and we hope you see more improvements in your vision.

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