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ESH #27 | Choosing the Juicer or Blender That’s Right for Your Eye Nutrition Program

Your eyes are just like any other part of your body; they need nutrition too. Juices and smoothies are a way of giving your nutrition and your eye nutrition a real boost. So which juicer or blender is right for you? In this podcast Will and Richard talk about their own choices in juicers and blenders and about the field of products out there.

The question of the week this week is “Should i wear prescription contact lens or glasses?”.

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  • Helene


    I was listening to your concersation about the juicers. I was curious what juicer you came up with after the Norwalk talk.
    We have an ANGEL juicer which is the modern form of the Norwalk kind of. It does the same two steps. We have had so many, but this one is the best.
    Maybe you mentioned it, but the conversation took too long for me to listen to so I skipped pieces.
    But if you don’t know it….I would advice you to check it out.

    Kind regards,

    • Envision Admin

      Lol Once we find something that helps improve vision we definitely like to talk about!
      There was no juicer after the Norwalk, but before it we did talk about masticating juicers in general which seems to be the same style as yours. Will has this juicer and is getting lots of great use out of it!

      Thanks for tip

      Many thanks,
      Will and Richard

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